Living With A Road-Legal Kids' Car
Driving The Car That TikTok Built
Alan Carpo
Alan Carpo Pirms 22 Stundām
Shame you have ruined this video for me by having that Rory guy in it 😣😢
Mayank Maximum
Mayank Maximum Pirms 22 Stundām
All cars I have never seen
Mayank Maximum
Mayank Maximum Pirms 22 Stundām
Try a polo gti that sure cheap
skkkrt Pirms 22 Stundām
unpopular opinion: the up looks better with steelies
Brooke Smith
Brooke Smith Pirms 22 Stundām
I'm no longer waiting for the EDIL GRANT LOAN because I earn $ 26,700 every 10 days recently.
2Skills4u Pirms 22 Stundām
Sorry? I dont understand why the Celica GT is riced from factory...and you guys now LOVE the Celica...just goes to show....the GT pack in the UK is beautiful, its not rice...its also 190hp N/A, its nothing amazing in todays age but this Celica came out in 1999, the EP3 Type R came out later and is only 0.2-0.3 seconds faster why wasn't that put on the list then? The facelift ones had the ricer lexus style rear lights... May I add, when the Celica came out, it was the car that did the most horsepower per litre in the world that was affordable, the only one that did more hp per litre was Lamborghini...
Bailey Busbridge
Bailey Busbridge Pirms 22 Stundām
Yessssss we love lupos
killerdinamo08 Pirms 22 Stundām
The future looks dumb... And dumbing 😛.
killerdinamo08 Pirms 23 Stundām
There's a dead body at #10:25, so yeah, it's in America 😅.
A person
A person Pirms 23 Stundām
Convertibles are useless here in Scotland, you only get to take down the roof for about 2 minutes before it starts raining again
ThatAriesBloke Pirms 23 Stundām
Living in Belfast... ...I kinda want one. Seriously Citroen Bring this to the UK ASAP
Well that went badly
Well that went badly Pirms dienas
In Australia thoise damn things go for $11000.
Hassan Ali
Hassan Ali Pirms dienas
Funny how they’re saying cars up North are cheaper. We always say cars down South are cheaper 😂
Parknest Pirms dienas
This is more like Car SOS than Pimp My Ride. Alex, Jack and Ethan (one of the real Holy Trinities on YT) should do more of these episodes.
Adam Vas
Adam Vas Pirms dienas
Stopped watching after seeing that the 300zx has automatic transmission... It's a crime.
lucahoganYT Pirms dienas
I love this channel, they make great content, but it always reminds me of how boring the UK car market is 😂 Here in Canada, us car enthusiasts usually won't even consider a car unless it has more than 350 horsepower, they're shitting themselves over 80 horsepower rust buckets that are the car embodiment of a shoe 🤣 But the strange thing is, there's also a market for exotic cars over there. Even though exotic cars go through a stupid amount of gas and have a minimum if 500 horsepower and have similar maneuverability to the moon. I really don't understand it 😂 Over here if I had to find a car for the CAD equivalent of 3000 pounds, I would probably end up with either an old shitty V8 Mustang, a Miata in decent condition, or an old 500 horsepower turbo Civic that's 20 minutes from turning a motor into an active projectile. Over there they have a car that takes 10-20 business days to reach overtaking speed. I love the UK, it's a great place, I would love to live there some day. But my god the car community there seems boring 😂 But then they randomly have a really cool and fast V6 Miata that makes like 260 horse, so idk
hypedcardz Pirms dienas
brendan carter
brendan carter Pirms dienas
Rims look like a unicorn ate dates and did a shit!
James Taleporos
James Taleporos Pirms dienas
So...the video title posed a question that we didn't actually get an answer to? Great.
John Garland
John Garland Pirms dienas
Having the genuine hubcaps for a car really shows that it’s been looked after. Most of the time I avoid looking at cars with replacement ones as it means it’s been driven in a way that makes them fall off, and the owner hasn’t cared to replace them properly!
Arnab Ghosh
Arnab Ghosh Pirms dienas
0:58 No!! You can't!
Anderson Reinkordt
Anderson Reinkordt Pirms dienas
man buns, lol
D L Pirms dienas
i think you guys should do a video with salvage rebuild uk. the guys there are really useful and honest in all fairness and have loads of advice to give out.
TDH RUSSO VIDS Pirms dienas
Am i the only one that thought of that one video when he told his story
Jamie Pirms dienas
Good luck securing feedstock
onee Pirms dienas
It is illegal to do this in the Netherlands.
Everette Singleton
Everette Singleton Pirms dienas
this was about y'all, and nothing about cars.
yup Pirms dienas
What a daft drive through.. Wouldn't it make sense for it to be placed on the drivers side.
Paul Burgess
Paul Burgess Pirms dienas
Really unfortunate about that first car. Just goes to show never take anybody’s word for something, always have a look before parting with your cash. This is looking to be another great series, great work guys💪🏼👍🏻
Howey 1999
Howey 1999 Pirms dienas
Has a little dent near passenger back light if you can see where your cleaning the car
Egg Pirms dienas
IT’S RORY REID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vandal Savage
Vandal Savage Pirms dienas
"You aint saving nuthin!" Lmao
Peter Teahan
Peter Teahan Pirms dienas
Cool video!
Ivan Doe
Ivan Doe Pirms dienas
I bought white one moveUp! 1.0 60hp, 4doors from 2013 with 144k km, that was hit several times from back, no structural damage just bumpers and mirrors replaced and side scratched, painted (very bad) on both sides (after those rear hits), costed me with all the fixes and stuff 3500e, and can sell it immediately for 4000e. People just want to buy them. The company I bought Up! from had several of these little shitboxes, one a bit older with 260k km and still going. Nice city car and definitely not so bad on highway, for two persons or 2 plus 2 small kids. The only car that is way more expensive is Fiat 500. My friend recently sold 2009 for 4800e which is insane by all standards here.
Omar Smith
Omar Smith Pirms dienas
Sim versus track is not a fair test to begin with. The sim driver feels no forces and does not have to contend with the fear of fucking up, and they have limitless runs. And since the simulator driver had a different car in-game and no interest in taking his car to the track, it was never a fair test either. Logitech should have challenged the Sim driver to step up and try to match his skill for real, then shown Alex's laps.
Ivo Nascimento
Ivo Nascimento Pirms dienas
Randomvideouploader Pirms dienas
Would have topped it off with a set of crutches that actually fit his arms cause bending down like that isn’t healthy.
Jeremy McCant
Jeremy McCant Pirms dienas
The only reason I know about this car is because of Gran Turismo 3 a spec. Also, I'm playing it now as I'm typing it!
rancidstain Pirms dienas
Nice advert for autotrader plus adverts throughout 😒
Кристиян Иванов
Кристиян Иванов Pirms dienas
I love how the dog just staring at alex and thinking "what the hell are you doing mate" 😅
Matthew Hicks
Matthew Hicks Pirms dienas
Tax at £20 a year? FML... I pay £600 a year on my RX8 and that's my weekend car!!!
Wooly_Sheep 797
Wooly_Sheep 797 Pirms dienas
Awesome tips, thank you !
W W Pirms dienas
Great informative add for autotrader, I mean great video! :)
Hamza Hameed
Hamza Hameed Pirms dienas
Why are the quarter panel windows still there
Marky Boy
Marky Boy Pirms dienas
Rory? 😂😂😂 Oh dear... the guy who stated the Mustang would bomb in the UK as nobody would want a 5.0 V8. ....idiot. Enough said. Get him off he knows sod all.
Васил Василев
Васил Василев Pirms dienas
Sadly, where i live, the 350z isn`t cheap
Coasty ken
Coasty ken Pirms dienas
I love my 94 Celica
Robert Whisenhunt
Robert Whisenhunt Pirms dienas
This is Euro vs JDM, why even bother with that damn PT Cruiser
Andrew Smart
Andrew Smart Pirms dienas
Might have been a mistake posting this having not yet sold it...
Ben Lewis Edwards
Ben Lewis Edwards Pirms dienas
glad Alex finally got his laptop upgraded!
Qitq Pirms dienas
It’s still on autotrader😂
Aaron Marsh
Aaron Marsh Pirms dienas
Alex: "we need to fit graphics to stop it looking like a fridge" Also Alex: *removes slender spoked wheel trims and replaces with SLABS OF CHEAP SHIT PLASTIC* 🤦‍♂️
L Doe91
L Doe91 Pirms dienas
These guys just copy everyone else - get your own ideas
Mark Lydon
Mark Lydon Pirms dienas
Suits you sirs.
Bailey Coleman
Bailey Coleman Pirms dienas
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M1ke1005 Pirms dienas
Jonah Sargent
Jonah Sargent Pirms dienas
I can confirm that they are just as great irl as in the videos.
TigerShark Pirms dienas
I would buy it but I only have £300 😂
Make it Nice
Make it Nice Pirms dienas
Alex how could you sell out to the petrol diesel car scene like that, clearly you've bought in to the enviro*mentalist lies, besides meak solar, wind and hydro most electricity comes from coal so it's a loosing race. Charging up using more resources while the fat can run diesels as you know
Carl Qvisander
Carl Qvisander Pirms dienas
Should I get a Peugeot 406 coupe 2.2 litre in blue from 2002 with 158 horsepower for my first car ?
Toto Iza
Toto Iza Pirms dienas
Love to see ethan those tricks ...amazing fear at the begening ...but he use man power to go and doit ... Amazing truly.... And what a Nice teacher he have ... Exelent
tich18 Pirms dienas
The only issue is if the buyer uses the total car check app. It shows if the car has been listed for sale in the last two years and the price.
HecticZenon Pirms dienas
Wait a god damn second best car reviewser Mat Watson hands and knees down
Waateb Pirms dienas
Buy a minivan I dare you
Pizza Like
Pizza Like Pirms dienas
The fucks this shit. Pt Cruiser ain't a sportscar. Get a fuckin corvette c4 or trans am
Slimy Boomer
Slimy Boomer Pirms dienas
My friend bought a golf for the same price as the service u got on that up...
Omar Smith
Omar Smith Pirms dienas
Please run the calculation again, but this time, find the parts list from eBay or ASM and estimate the labour at £60-70 per hour like most people would pay!
szewei1985 Pirms dienas
Hahahaha cool
Petko Krushev
Petko Krushev Pirms dienas
Wish the owner speedy recover, so he can enjoy his Mini
JFZED Pirms dienas
Real sad, tbh the Brunei Royal should just let the world go in and buy out at least 90% of the collection, restored and driven like they should have been
Oliver Webb
Oliver Webb Pirms dienas
Alex is (rightly) Luton Intolerant.
malamri424 Pirms dienas
looks and sounds good. only needs a set of BBS wheels.
Jes90 L
Jes90 L Pirms dienas
Wanna buy my A3? Nice little project car. It is a dirty diesel.
S D Pirms dienas
Wrapping a car makes like the most annoying job I could ever imagine. It has to be absolutely perfect or it will stick out instantly. I could never do this.
MrTophes Pirms dienas
In my experience cars from Scotland are more expensive not cheaper. Higher pop density down south means more choice so price is lower
S D Pirms dienas
You look absolutely wrecked.